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"This is my daughter in-law. She and my son are both animal lovers and rescuers. Your pets could not be in better hands. She went to school and is licensed and certified. She will give your pets 110 percent of her time. They will love her as much as we do."



"So love this place! Did an awesome job with my cats Tig and Harley.  Love going someplace that cares about my pets like I do.  I don't have to worry when they are in her hands."



"Totally Paws Rock! Thank you for an awesome groom for Riley & Rainey.  They smell delightful and thank you for being patient with Riley and taking such good care of them."






"Took Hagen in again today for his regular grooming appointment.  He's so happy to go and I'm so happy to take him!  Cindy and her staff are GREAT!  They love him and love on him.  When I pick him up he smells wonderful and looks fantastic.  Hagen is an adopted Australian Shepherd and sheds horribly, but they take care of that problem. Totally Paws is awesome..."



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